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KolourPaint is a free, easy-to-use paint program for KDE - Read More.




Kolourpaint now ported to KDE Frameworks 5


In its latest release, KDE 16.08.0, Kolourpaint got now ported to use KDE Frameworks 5.
See the announcement at https://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-applications-16.08.0.php

Alpha Transparency Support with KDE 4.7


After a long period of silence, here are some news about kolourpaint, which since has become a fully ported KDE4 application.

In the latest KDE release 4.7 kolourpaint got some important enhancements:

  • Alpha Channel Transparency Support allows now to edit images not only with full transparent or full opaque pixels but also with semi-transparent pixels blending colors on top of each other (supported e.g. in the PNG file format)
  • The tools "toolbar" is now a real KDE toolbar, allowing it to move around and dock it either horizontally or vertically as you like it.
  • Taking a screenshot is now an integrated functionality and no longer requires an external application
  • The source repository of kolourpaint was moved to the new KDE git infrastructure along with all the other KDE graphics applications

Improved Clipboard Support with KDE 3.5.8


KDE 3.5.8 has just been released and includes several KolourPaint fixes, including improved clipboard support:

  • Always enable the paste actions to guarantee that pasting from non-Qt applications is always allowed (non-Qt applications do not notify KolourPaint when they place objects into the clipboard).
  • Paste transparent pixels as white instead of uninitialized colors, when the app does not support pasting transparent pixels (such as OpenOffice.org).
  • Make "Edit / Paste in New Window" always paste white pixels as white (it used to paste them as transparent when the selection transparency mode was set to Transparent).

Scanning Support for KolourPaint in KDE 3.5.7


KDE 3.5.7 has just been released and features many improvements to KolourPaint:

  • Save local files atomically - KolourPaint will no longer truncate an existing file if the KImageIO library for the file format is missing or if you run out of disk space.
  • Add "File / Scan..." feature (by Martin Koller)
  • Add global session save/restore
  • Make "File / Open Recent" consistently work when multiple windows are open
  • CTRL+C'ing a text box also places the text in the middle-mouse-button clipboard, in lieu of being able to highlight the text to do this
  • Change minimum allowed zoom level for the grid from 600% to 400%

The Year in Review


The highlights of 2006 were the beginning of the KDE 4 port of KolourPaint and the purchase of the kolourpaint.org domain (yes, you can now go to www.kolourpaint.org!). But why is the Tool Box in such a weird place, you ask? Well, the details are on the 2006 entry of the Project History page.

KolourPaint on KDE 4.0pre (2006-12-17)
KolourPaint on KDE 4.0pre

Get Paid to Develop KolourPaint


Are you a university student interested in helping out with KolourPaint? You can get paid for doing this by signing up for the Google Summer of Code. A list of KolourPaint ideas can be found here but you are free to suggest your own project.

Apply quickly as the deadline is May 8th.


KDE 4 and Blog

2006-03-28 (delayed)

KolourPaint on KDE 4.0pre
KolourPaint on KDE 4.0pre

On the port of KolourPaint to KDE 4 (now dubbed "KolourPaint Four-0"), it now compiles (see left). However, it currently uses 100% of CPU and a lot more work is required before it is of the same quality as KDE 3 versions of KolourPaint.

I've also started a blog which will be updated somewhat more regularly than this website.


Printing Fixes

2006-03-28 (delayed)

KDE 3.5.2 (2006-03-28) resolves KolourPaint printing issues once and for all (KDE Bug #108976):

  • Respect image DPI
  • Fit image to page if image is too big
  • Center image on page

Backports have also been made to the KDE 3.3 and 3.4 branches. If you use those older versions of KDE, your distribution may provide updated packages.


Status of the KolourPaint Project


Throughout 2005, the KolourPaint 1.4 release was continually pushed back due to other commitments. One year later, a significant feature release anytime 2006 still does not seem likely.

I no longer have time to develop the next feature release of KolourPaint. Therefore, KolourPaint 1.4 is delayed indefinitely.

The focus of 2006 will be to complete the port of KolourPaint to KDE 4 already started by other KDE developers. Unless a developer - which could be you - steps up and starts programming, there will be no new features in this release.

I am extremely grateful that so many people have sent helpful KolourPaint feedback and feature requests. I am sorry that I haven't had time to implement some of your wishes. I hope to implement them eventually.

Nevertheless, my vision in 2003 of a free, easy-to-use paint program for KDE has been already realised. KolourPaint makes everyday paint tasks practical for the average user. Simple things like cropping screenshots and drawing lines are now a UNIX reality - not a challenge. But KolourPaint still can - and will - be improved.

The KolourPaint Project will not die. Maintenance versions of KolourPaint will continue to be made available with KDE point releases. Like with 2005, I will continue to fix bugs. However, these releases will not be available from this website - all new versions will be distributed by KDE.

In 2007, I'll have time to fully develop KolourPaint again. However, in the meantime, I hope that someone else will be able to step up to the challenge.

        -- Clarence Dang


Yet Another Preview of KolourPaint 1.4: In KDE 3.5


The next pre-release of KolourPaint 1.4 - "1.4_relight" - has been released as part of KDE 3.5. It is largely the same as "1.4_light" (KDE 3.4). Main changes:

  • New icons by Danny Allen and Nuno Pinheiro
  • CTRL + Mouse Wheel = Zoom
  • While freehand selection scaling, holding Shift maintains aspect ratio
  • Prevent accidental drags in the Colour Palette from pasting text containing the colour code

Preview of the Upcoming KolourPaint 1.4 in KDE 3.4


KDE 3.4 was released today with a preview of the next major version of KolourPaint. The improved text antialiasing, new Unzoomed Thumbnail Mode and InputMethod support in "1.4_light" are just a sample of the new features to look forward to in the full KolourPaint 1.4.


KolourPaint 1.2.2 Released


KolourPaint 1.2.2 fixes several longstanding bugs, improves performance and for the first time in history, includes translations to 32 languages.

Bugs fixed include:

  • incorrect scaling/zooming under Qt 3.0
  • missing icons in some GNU/Linux distributions
  • copying selections with the CTRL key not working

The 1.2.2 release with full source code is immediately available for download. This is a backport of KDE 3.3.2's KolourPaint to KDE 3.0.


KolourPaint 1.2 "ByFiat Everytime" Released


Virtually unlimited undo/redo, more image effects, greater file format support and freehand resizing are just some of the new features to look forward to in this latest release of KolourPaint.

Enjoying more than 300 enhancements since the groundbreaking 1.0 series, KolourPaint 1.2 is the most easy-to-use version of KolourPaint ever.

KolourPaint 1.2 is available for immediate download. A highlight of this release is the availability of experimental Linux distribution-independent binary packages that don't require installation. KolourPaint 1.2 is also a part of KDE 3.3 (released today).

Please continue to send your bug reports, feature requests and questions to the KolourPaint Project. If you would like to stay up-to-date with KolourPaint developments, join one of our mailing lists.


KolourPaint 1.0.2 Released


1.0.2 brings new icons by Kristof Borrey, an all new user manual and improved reliability through numerous bug fixes and incremental improvements.

All users of KolourPaint should upgrade to 1.0.2. A list of changes is available on the download page.


Bugfix for the Brush Tool


Today, it was found that the brush tool draws nothing when set to the size 1x1. This is due to a bug present in Qt 3.0 and 3.1 (specifically, drawing 1x1 ellipses does not work).

The bug affects most users of KolourPaint 1.0.1 (those with Qt 3.0 or 3.1). Users of Qt 3.2 (and/or KolourPaint 1.0.0) are not affected.

A patch is available for download. It has already been applied to kolourpaint_1_0_branch in CVS.


KDE 3.0 and 3.1 Now Supported


Due to popular demand, KolourPaint has been backported to KDE 3.0 & 3.1.

So if you couldn't compile or install KolourPaint 1.0 because you were stuck with a pre-KDE 3.2 installation, then this 1.0.1 release is for you. Source code and Mandrake packages are available for immediate download.

Existing users of KolourPaint are encouraged to update to 1.0.1 as it fixes a text pasting bug (dependent on the version of Qt).


KolourPaint Becomes Part of the KDE Project


Following discussion on the kde-core-devel mailinglist, KolourPaint was moved into the "kdegraphics" module to be included in future releases of KDE - including the upcoming KDE 3.3.


KolourPaint 1.0 "Seagull" Released


After 8 months of development, the first stable version of KolourPaint - the easy-to-use paint program for KDE - is now available for download.


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