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Download - Stable Version 1.2.2 - 2004-12-12

Freeze Date: 2004-11-29
All KolourPaint Versions:      1.2.2 [Changes] | 1.2      1.0.2 | 1.0.1 | 1.0      Unstable

1.2.2 is an old version of KolourPaint and is only here for reference. Standalone releases of KolourPaint are no longer released on this website. Instead, you should use your UNIX distribution's package management application to download the latest version of KDE 3.5 (3.5.8, as of 2007-10-17). If you want to try something new but unstable, see KolourPaint in KDE 4.0.

The KolourPaint included in recent versions of KDE 3.5 has more bug fixes and features than any package offered on this website.

Nevertheless, the below Generic Linux/x86 + KDE3 Binary v3 can be quite handy since it still works on many systems, even though it hasn't been updated for a while.    [2006-03-24]


If you have trouble compiling, installing or using KolourPaint, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The links on the left redirect - left click to download:

Package Size Vendor
Generic Linux/x86 + KDE3 Binary v3

You must check the Warnings
934 KB KolourPaint Project [Requirements]
[Updates] [Checksum]
Fedora Core 1,2,3,4 /
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3,4 RPMs
- Dries APT/YUM RPM Repository
Mandrake 9.0 RPM 1,060 KB KolourPaint Project [Checksum]
Slackware 10.0 - Robert Moszczynski [Checksum]
SUSE 9.3 RPM - Martin Raoul
SUSE 8.2,9.0,9.1,9.2 RPMs - Guru's RPMs
SUSE 9.0,9.1 RPMs - PackMan
Source Code 1,294 KB KolourPaint Project [Requirements] [Updates] [Checksum]

The Generic Linux/x86 + KDE3 Binary needs no installation nor root - just decompress & run. It works on most GNU/Linux/x86 distributions released after August 2002. Specifically, it requires: Linux/x86, KDE 3.x, Qt 3 (>= 3.0.5) with threading, X, glibc 2.2, gcc 3.2 ABI.

Linux/x86 + KDE 3 Binary v3 Warnings:

  • It does not consistently prompt you to save if you exit with unsaved changes (due to misfiring virtual methods) [Bug #115841].
  • It might not work "out of the box" in gcc 3.4/4.0-based distributions (released after mid 2004) e.g. Fedora Core 3 and 4. In such distributions, you must install the gcc 3.2 ABI compatibility libraries - look for a package named "compat-libstdc++33" or anything that provides "/usr/lib/libstdc++.so.5". This limitation will be overcome in the future standalone releases.

Source code requires compilation with the Qt 3.x & KDE 3.x development libraries (preferably Qt 3.3 & KDE 3.3).


Apply these late breaking patches to the appropriate package above.

The following links redirect - left click to download:

Applies to Package Patch Size Date Fixes
Source Code Download 2 KB 2004-12-12 (Freeze: 2004-12-11) Display of the current tool's options widget on startup under Qt 3.0
Linux/x86 + KDE3 Binary v3 Download 1 KB 2004-12-12 (Freeze: 2004-12-04) HTML Docs (use on Debian-based distros ONLY)

Other Ways to Get KolourPaint


KDE 3.3.2 contains KolourPaint 1.2.2. The KolourPaint on the page you are reading now is actually a port of KDE 3.3.2's KolourPaint to KDE 3.x.

KDE FTP mirrors some KolourPaint Project packages found on this page. [Checksums]

KDE SVN: Checkout "tags/kolourpaint/1.2.2_kde3".

More RPMs

RPM PBone and RPMFind are searchable databases for possibly more RPMs.

If you have made or have found another package for KolourPaint, please contact us so that we can upload and/or link to it.

GZip Versions, BSDiff / XDelta1 Patches

Sourceforge File List: the complete collection of packages provided by the KolourPaint Project. This includes BSDiff and XDelta1 patches against KolourPaint 1.2. [Checksums]

MD5 Checksums

These can increase your confidence in the integrity and authenticity of a download - especially if it was from a mirror. Checksums for Slackware and KolourPaint Project packages are in this text file.

All KolourPaint Versions:      1.2.2 [Changes] | 1.2      1.0.2 | 1.0.1 | 1.0      Unstable

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